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Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit Seattle 2018


The Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit on March 26 and 28 in Seattle is an opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential industry partners.

It is not a traditional exhibition. It is a matchmaking program for manufacturers, OEMs and subcontractors to interact and develop business. Furthermore it brings together aerospace and defense primes, tier suppliers and contract-manufacturers.

The Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit enables companies throughout the global supply chain to come together, make connections, and identify new business partners. Engineering, procurement, fabrication, commodity teams, suppliers and service providers met through pre-arranged Business-to-Business meetings.

In addition to a strong Boeing presence, a significant number of Tier one suppliers and other international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) joined as well. Take a look at the 2018 participants list.

The Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit began with a full day of interactive presentations from the main industry voices on March 26th.

Topics covered were trends, challenges and opportunities in market segments, supplier expectations, production automation and information integration.

We are in a period of unprecedented opportunity in the aerospace market. This is being driven by increased air travel, new technologies, the need to replace existing fleets and demand for more efficient and environmentally sensitive aircraft.

For this reason, we have organized Business-to-Business meetings with companies, to show our experiences in the production of precision mechanical parts based on the customer’s design. In case of interest on your part, please plan to join us and learn how you can become part of our supply chain.