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Mepit present MepiBOX at the Paris Airshow – Le Bourget


Mepit present the first product designed and manufactured under its own brand on  the occasion of the Paris Airshow – Le Bourget.

What is MepiBOX? MepiBOX is the new scalable solution to manage all kinds of transport and storage of spacecraft hardware issues. It is waterproof, compliant with cleanness standard IS08 and available in different configurations starting from a common baseline concept. MepiPanel is the key features of the MepiBox solution.

It is a composite panel made by plywood and aluminium with excellent strenght and weight performance. MepiPanel is available in three different configurations (standard, light, extralight) starting from the 3000×1500 mm baseline panel with 15 mm thickness.

MepiBOX concept allows fast price definition and reduction in the design & manifacturing process thanks to the commonality of components and solution provided.

For more informations visit MepiBOX